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A Premium Music website site. Discount rates. Upload original music, photos, bios. Ability to rerecord edit your entry. audience feedback and many statistics for performers to improve.Singing Contests and Music publishing online to win $$$ Money $$$ and prizes! Singers, Musicians, Bands and Singer Songwriters. Just like "Am Idol" but done in cyberspace format! Tell your friends and family to vote for your work. Hip Hop, Rock, Country or even karaoke, you are all stars with Amazing Results! To receive weekly news letter or upload your work.... Join now Free and Enter Contests for the future!! Features for musicians are our Exclusive Star generator manager page, full editing and detailed statistics on your music, quality ratings, feedback and the ability to sell your songs to the public for $.99 cents a download copy!!! You can even enter the many contests that we run weekly and increase your quality of your music with the incite from statistics!;

For instance, you submit your song on this site, Visit your own star Generator manager page and find out how long fans are listening to your songs, see how fans are rating the quality of your music or you can make a title changes, Photo changes, upload new song or better version of the same song and see your number of clicks and votes go up...Now that is powerful for you the future star to learn how the music publishing and record label industry works, now that is great insight for new music artist or a seasoned musician.;

Use this feedback to make your music the best it can be. Submit to one of our many future contests get your music published today!

www.Riffstar.com is packed with New Music artist categories and hundreds of opportunities for new music artists and musicians to get reviewed on there new music. Click on Artists tab then click on new upload to get started and change your life forever, join musicians from all around the world or just receive our news letter with your account. You can upload work at a future time, But please Take advantage of this free offer today before free spaces are filled. This is the future for independent musicians to perform and get discovered for the endless opportunities in the entertainment business to get information never before available without spending thousands of dollars trying to get published or dealing with shady managers. This way you can safely with nobody telling you what to do or you are not good enough to make it. Others have fear of performing live or have great talent, but live in some remote part of the united states or do not have the money to get noticed. With our site you can say you have already made it in the music biz and direct everyone you know to check out your musical works and the great part is you can do all this from the comfort of your home. Get your music exposed to the world and possibly sell thousands of copies from your page or check your stats from anywhere in there is internet;

We promote our site through out the world and currently have around 4000 visitors a month! Please join our musicians forum and make connections to other musicians or to find information about the music biz .;
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