Heartbreak Radio
Location: London,UK/United States
Hailing from London, The Sons of Cain is a potent combination of four eclectic talents who banded together in 2005 because of the loss of a singer from their previous incarnation as Headroom. Soaring and emotive vocals from Guy Barnes, inspirational lead and rhythm guitar from JT, and a rock-solid rhythm section: Lee Carey on bass and Paul Gorvin on drums, The Sons of Cain demonstrate their abilities to evolve and thus mark this new line up as a major turning point in their musical careers. Guy approached the band after seeing an advert on a music website. He had previously stepped away from the spotlight in order to set up his own production company with which, as the producer and artist developer, he had helped get a band signed to Mercury records. However, Guy pined for the lights and the stage - he had been a performer all his life and couldn?_Tt neglect his true vocation. Thus, when he met up, and jammed, with the other guys he felt he had come home. In Guy?_Ts own words, ?__I feel like I?_Tm finally back where I belong.?__ The Sons of Cain debuted in the Half Moon pub in Putney. Since then, the band has received rapturous receptions from electrified audiences - and developed an ever-expanding fan-base - through consistent performances in some of London?_Ts most recognised venues: The Carling Academy, The Borderline (Soho) and the Dublin Castle (Camden) being just some examples. Having spent the last few months writing, rehearsing and recording, the band?_Ts self-produced and much-anticipated EP, Heartbreak Radio, is finally finished. All the individual tracks showcase a diverse range of influences: from the classic guitar rock of the 70?_Ts, to the grunge-masters of the 90?_Ts. The EP?_Ts strong opening track ?__Heartbreak Radio?__ and the devastating ?__Falling?__ provide particular evidence of these influences. Apart from courting such luminaries as Magic FM?_Ts Neil (Doctor) Fox, who championed their corner on his show, the previous incarnation of the band: Headroom; was to receive offers from various record labels, but never quite found the right deal. Rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Headroom, watch out for The Sons of Cain?_? ?_?because, as they rock their future, so too will they rock yours?_?
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