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The Long Road
Country music
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada/United States
The Long Road – Jenae Johnson /Corey Johnson

Break the silence I’m leaving home
Take the back road and I’ll walk alone
Am I missing or am I gone
No one sees me on this open road

Many miles I have traveled
Many shores I have seen
Many paths I have taken
But none would lead you to me

I’ll keep looking I’ll keep searching
For a place where I feel complete
If it takes forever I can wait
I’m in no hurry I’ll find my way

And if you were to find me
If you were to see my light
I know all the shoes I worn out
Were worth my solace pride

Oh the road stretches forever
The lines merge and divide
The sun is setting on me,
My stars appear to guide

I found it what I’m looking for
It was sitting right one my front porch
Why didn’t I see him, he was so clear
A fallen star he was my shinning light
Now that he has found me
Takes my hand and leads the way
All these roads don’t seem so lonely
His soul carries me away
Carries me away.
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