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Dear Jimmy
Country music
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada/United States
Dear Jimmy Ė Jenae Johnson/ Corey Johnson

I know your leaving and Iím the one to blame
No more make believing things will be okay
I always thought forever would come our way
But now your leaving on a westbound train

Dear Jimmy thereís things I have to say my hearts been broke in two and the pieces thrown away.

I wave goodbye to a reflection of my face. I know you gave up. Iím alone in our place.
You were the light you were everything so I tore out a piece of paper and filled it with my dreams

Dear Jimmy Iím sorry youíve gone away
I know Iíve made mistakes at least thatís what you say
Oh and my dear Jimmy. Iím tired of all your games
Your stuff is all packed up and I got it heading the other way.

I know Iíll do alright
Now the bills will all get paid
There bringing back my TV set
And the phones hooked up again
Collection guys been calling Iíve given him your name
So when you get to where your going youíll be on the road again

Dear Jimmy, thereís things I have to say I sold your favorite pick up truck and gave your tools away Yea I know Iíve made mistakes my biggest ones on the train and donít mistake my letters there not a reason to call again, Dear Jimmy Iím glad youíve gone away.
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