About humanvibe
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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
HUMAN VIBE was created in March of 2006, and founded by front man Nicolas Guibord (Nicko). Nicko has been the creative and driving force behind Human Vibe. Their messages are what set them apart from other Montreal bands. Portrayed through its music and lyrics, its musicians come together to create a captivating musical environment. All is encapsulated with one clear voice: To create peace and harmony in today’s world. The lyrics are the result of Nicko’s own personal and social reflections, and with Nicko’s soul-filled voice, the songs invite us to experience a positive journey of human grow. Not only do the lyrics tell a story, but so does the music; it offers the listeners another view of the message being shared. Human Vibe’s hybrid rock music is highlighted with several colourful styles that engage the audience and leave them wanting more.
Who are your band members?
"Nicko" Nicolas Guibord - vocals/guitars/percussions
Where do you record your music?
Montreal, Canada
Who has helped you the most with your music?
The group’s influences come from a wide variety of musical styles, from hard rock and alternative rock such as Tool and Alice in Chains, to British groups like The Police, Genesis and Yes. Human Vibe also enjoys injecting their creations with sounds of other current inspirations, Ben Harper, Daniel Lanois, Coral Egan, Afro Sound System, Dead Can Dance, Susheela Raman and other world beats.
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