da ghost
Psalms 37
Hip-Hop music
Location: brampton/Canada
ladies and gentlemen the clock is ticking, time is running out flat line the dead has risen, people walking on water but their soul fishing, resurrected the money talk now they soul is missing, everybody rise up to the sound of my voice, the creator is the reason i'm the people's choice, you could have paved the way Jesus built me a bridge, over troubled waters staying cool like fridge
the world so cold, so my ice box melted, he granted me life and favor intercepted, i don't want to fall short like gary colemen, so i had my flesh crucified true worshipper arise, world a menace so i cling on
to the old rugged cross so i keep on, harry potter got an issue so i bring God
to the table of this world and in your ipods


Trust in the Lord and do Good (3x)
your mercies oh lord is in the heavens

delight yourself in the lord, your desires will fly through as a swinging sword
heaven knows why people die people cry, lets collaborate
colliding all the love and hate, cease from all anger and forsake the wrath
evildoers shall be cut off and the wicked shall be no more
i have been young and now am old, the lord still the rock and he makes me whole
depart from all evil and do good
we gotta trust in the lord and do good
for the lord loves justice. i bring the league, forget peace treaty Jesus didn't come to bring peace.. bring war
stabilize the break of law, bring the salvation of the righteous from the lord
like cool and dre enlisted in the industrayyy, so lets trust the almightyy

i'm osama when it comes to the gospel and the truth,
when i speak batter's up cause i'm hitting home from the ruths
babe you gotta hear the truth this is how it goes
psalms 37 3 said trust and believe
who can BEAT DOWN what my God has blessedd
devil a Grade A Moron he lacks my breath
he jealous when i spit cause it ain't disrespect
and he stealing the ink when he sees the zeros behind the ones in my check
so can make it in this business saving souls is my royalties
do you believe that jazzy feezy was all over this beat
i'm like HOT DAMN but not cursing i'm just enhancing my words
its obsurd that my trust in the lord is neva hurd
so i look up to the morning star music group that trust the lord
and trust in the lord and do alot of gooodddd

copywrited 2008
written by Robinson Mba
Artist Name: Realest Ghost
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