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Goals For my Talent?
Obtain Major Musical & Movie Contractual Proposals
About Me:
Born and raised in the Netherlands, with a Dutch-Indies/Dutch/German, (Indonesian), ethnic background. Love the culinary, hotel/resort development projects. Seek my first Netherlands concert to perform in Zwolle, The Netherlands. ======================= http://harrybroker.net/dekarecords/
Study people, cultural and historical background. Love the spiritual aspects in the above and beyond.
Favorite Music:
Pop/Rock/Acoustic Kate Voegeler, Jessica Andrews and Leanne Rimes, influenced my life and music.
Favorite Movies:
Jackie Chan's Series. Am compared with him, many of times
Favorite show on TV
20/20 and Nightline and Las-Vegas-TNT/NBC reruns.
Favorite Books or Magazines:
GQ, Oprah and The Telegraaf Dutch Newspaper. "Stranger In The Mirror", by Sidney Sheldon. Read his book, became my future!
Heroes in my life:
Jimmy Stewart, Anthony Quinn and Gregory Peck.
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