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I'm Thirsty For Your Love
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I'm Thirsty For Your Love
Smooth and Slick, she slowly walked up to me
Lightning and Thunder struck across my body so strong
In less then a minute or short time to think
I knew exactly what I want, as I stared

Straight into her eyes.


I'm Thirsty For Your Love,
I hunger for your touch
Is that much to ask of a woman I halfway met?
Yes, I'm Thirsty For your Love,
I hunger For Your Touch.
Baby don't you know, I can't resist someone like that.

Far beyond my feeling, I guess she won.
As she spoke to me and told me it was only for fun
Now don't go away and don't leave me alone...
In a matter of fact, I might turn into stone.

Bridge: Instrumental



Many thanks to all my fans in the whole wide world for voting me number 1 in rock category 2007
And number 3 in the song writing category 2007

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See ye all soon in my first concert in the Netherlands!
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