'Burban Street
Journey Through My Mind
Location: Miami/United States
Verse 1:
I'm atypical, lyrical, a miracle
I spit in three dimensions, in a circle, that's spherical
I'm satirical, and sarcastic
Hard to believe I started paper or plastic
I spit in a rhythm that's rarely spastic
I always bring the party so I rarely crash it
I'm fantastic, I'm a phantasm
First I collect the fans and then I deal fan-gasms
A man of the people so there's no fan chasm
Skills so rare you know no man has 'em (just me)
I'm educated, in the game and integrated
Question my integrity, I'll tell you that I'm dedicated
I wanna be sedated, I wanna be elated
I wanna be creative, and not get berated
I'm atypical, different, a genius
I live the life I spit about so you know that I mean this
Chorus (x2):
Let me take you, on a journey through my mind
I hope you aint afraid to, I won't make you
Only if you willin' and I won't make you pay to,
Just pay attention and you're destined for a breakthrough
Verse 2:
I'm sensational, full opperational,
I'm Jewish but my crew is so non-denominational
I'm conversational, education takes me to
A city in a peril that nobody pays attention to
I'm inspirational, I'm philanthropic
My similes and metaphors are always on topic
You see "Diamond in the Rough" was just a dress rehearsal
Soon I'll have you sayin' "Yo" like that Yao commercial
Soon I'll have you sayin' "Woah" but I'm no Black Rob
Soon I'll have you sayin' "Go" when my new beat drop (Q-Beatz)
A hip-hoptimist, just cop a list'
You don't wanna miss, a single sec' of this
If ignorance is bliss, then I am miserable
I know a lot of things, my brain is gettin' full
I'm sensational, more pull than gravitational
You know I love to battle though I'm non-confrontational
Verse 3:
I'm political, often analytical,
Got pride in my work which is why I'm so critical
I'm not physical, a lover, not a fighter
I'm a poet, I'm a writer, I'm just hangin' like a glider (not low)
Producin' fire like a lighter, see me burnin' much brighter
Got you tangled in my web like you the fly and I'm the spider
At first glance the nation thinks I'm fit for the bleachers
Rather hear me in the crowd than hear me on the speakers
Now is just a preview, soon I'll be a feature
Now is just a review, listen to your teacher
Don't listen to the President, he's not much of a leader
Don't look at him with reverence, cuz he's not much of a preacher
I wanna be appreciated, often underestimated
Often overbooked and underlooked and understimulated
(Yeah) Pursuin' nothin' trivial
I'm cynical of anybody hatin' on original
And I hope you don't get lost...
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