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Enger Tower
Location: Minneapolis/United States
written by:Alisha Thunem
vocals/guitar: Alisha
keyboard/harmonies: Ana
kickass drums: Amera
guest bassist: Keith Thunem

Enger Tower you stole my heart
you stole my breath away that day.
And I don't care who knows it
no, I don't care who sees
Just follow my voice through the breeze.
Enger Tower, you stole my heart
you stole my breath away that day.

The sun is setting on my bones and I'm jonesin' for some betterness
this bitterness has come my way.
And I'm all backed up, you see, but I've had my prunes today
They're stowin' themselves away...
I guess they like it in there
Cuz I'm cuddly snuggly everywhere
I guess I can't help it, but I can't discuss it with anyone but you
and you're so far away. I fear I won't make it through the day.

And I haven't bled in half a year,
I've got to shed this lining like a tear
It's okay, It's gonna be okay.
I'll just follow my heart wherever it goes
I'll just follow my heart, only it knows.
I'll keep driving south, that's where I'll go
Till I can kiss your mouth, that's when I'll know
that I'm okay, I'm gonna be okay.

Well the doctors here, they sure are clever
And they say there's nothing they can do.
Suddenly I need you more than ever
And I know there's nothing you can do

So we're dancing and singin'
we're front-handspringin'
we see no shame...and we like it that way
We're giggles on a mission
We're smiles with a vision
We're preachin' and listenin'
to what you've got to say
If you're weary, don't worry
I've got a shoulder for your head
If you're sleepin stop sleepin
you can do that when you're dead.dead.dead.
But you are ALIVE!

Enger tower you stole my breath away that day
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