Location: /Ukraine

Magic circle, targets, arrows,
Life’s the play of rays and shadows.
Sun’s eclipse, the night and flares:
Heaven’s sign.
On the edge: I lose or get it,
Now and then I slip or head it,
Quit the risky game or let it,
I’m falling high.

Wild and bad,
Wrong or right,
Laugh and fake
Will never hide my pain of broken loving.

I am here to live (play) my part,
Stealing beauty from the peril,
Simple code is simple art:
One to zero – God to Devil.
I am here to live my part
No more rules (limits) and no more fears,
Heaven’s gift is my best card:
Late to stop: the target’s near.
I will play my lonely part:
And no matter(who cares) what I hide behind this make-up.

Step by step I win the minutes,
Playing love on broken leavings
Of my heart, of desperate feelings,
Rise and fall.
Like a ray I flirt with shadows:
Flashes, darkness, burning candles,
On the verge of luck and failures
Like yes and no.
Pointless game,
Shapeless mark,
This is light,
And this is darkness,
Loveless life is abyss.

I am here to live my part,
Steal the beauty from the danger,
Lie is smooth and truth is sharp:
There’s no smoothness in my staging.
I will live my part again,
It’s too much, and it’s too little,
I am here not in vain
Just to make the circle glitter.

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