Think of You
R&B music
Location: New York City/United States
I don't know how my life got so obscure
I don't know but I'm searching for the cure
It's hard enough just living this life
But I haven't been the same since I told you goodbye

I think of you
When I'm all alone, you're the only thing on my mind
I think of you
Even through the day, your face just won't go away
I think of you
When I'm sleep, girl I dream, you're running through my mind
And I break down
Not having you around
My heart begins to pound
When I think of how - how I feel about you

I'm breaking inside, though I hold on with all my might
I'm losing the fight, can't seem to get myself right
Trying to forget what we had
But nothing seems to keep me from feeling so bad


Feed me - I hunger for your love
Believe me - I can't feel without your touch
My mind's not clear no matter what I do
I just keep seeing images of you

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