Can't Leave Rap Alone
Hip-Hop music
Location: Melbourne/United States
(Jay-Z Hook)

Tru-Dru: Yeah--Yeahha!
(Tru-Dru Verse One):
I can't Leave Rap Alone the Game Needs me
(Blank) that control the Biz are so Sleezy
They got us Brainwashed and up to doing dumb (ish)
Now you have to sell you Soul, just to (Blank) make a Hit?
(Blank) that (Blank) I only do real Rap
Old School new Style not that new Age Crap
Use it for Communication, to the People I'm Relatin
Give the Words of Inspiration and to lead for their Salvation
Me and Hip-Hop got a True Relationship
Been Married Long Time won't Divorce for (ish)
In the Late 90's I turned out we lost two Legends
Non can fill the Void Pac, Big Left to Heaven
Let's not forget about the others Big L, Pimp C, Eazy-E
Freaky Tah, Big Stank Hank, & Jam Master Jay whom I seen
This Track is for those who been there since Jamaicans brought it to US
Stay real for my Peoples I'll keep Rap at it's Truest

(Jay-Z Hook)

(Tru-Dru Verse Two):
Real Emcees get ya Hands up, put ya (bleep), put ya (blank) stance up
It's a War on Rap Music they want us all in Handcuffs
They say that Hip-Hop is Destroying our Lives
Bull(ish) A- Cops think they (Ash)es are Wise
Hatin' cuz we made it, now they try to take it
Time that we clapback, give'em a taste of the Payback
Hating yet they Copycat, Pretending it watch ya Back--I'm Str8 Hardcore Bringing tha Mack
Never will I let my Music Fall to Pirates
These Racist naw they wanna Rules us like Tyrants
Give'em A Workout, that hah get Burned out
(Bleep) up and Turnt out, my Rhymes got them shermed out
My steez so Motha(Bleep) dope you get addicted
The True King here of Rap Music is back more Gifted
Than before now Hungrier than a Wolf in a Dogpack
Brand New (ish), that new Street Crack

(Jay-Z Hook)

(Tru-Dru Verse Third/Final):
Now I gots to give Props to my (Blank) Cassidy
The other day he inspired me to rip this Beat
Ever since Rap Music's Mother Reggae put her on the Scene
In 69 in Jamaica and 73 We took it overseas
It's A New Revolution Tru Emperahz Running it
(Blank) can't stay off my (Blank), Im so Slick like Rick
And I' m not havin' it, get Rage like Hulk Throwing Fits
Cause Rukkus for the Heck of it, Enemies fall hella Quick
16 Bars and Hot Lines be Tasty like a Hallibut
Y' all know y'all really feeling this, cuz I'm (Blank) Killing this
Never when I shoot I miss always stay on Target
All about the Money and the Game Itch then Switch
Making all the Dough it's my Blessings come True
And what's good for me means more Problems for you
Since the Age of 5, been nice on the Mic here's the Evidence
I can't leave Rap alone we are Heaven Sent

(Jay-Z Hook)
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