Tommy Lee Harroun
Over the Edge
Location: Mankato/United States
(V1) She's on her last string in her life
trying to hold on to her thought's as she cries
scared and alone, wanting to die
she's so lost and has nowhere to turn
Driving into the night, slowly fading away
her mind is blown and she still don't see
well meanwhile in reality alone in his bed
a little child sleeps, wondering where his mother is

(V2) There's nothing that i could say
that would ever change her ways
make her realize make her see
who exactly she needs to be yeah
(back to chorus)

(Bridge) and (outro)
She's walking the path unknown
living in a world of her own
she's giving it all she's got
and it's driving her crazy
it's driving her to the top and over the edge
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