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Children shouldn't Play with loaded Guns
Location: San Antonio/United States
I heard the news on the Radio it wasn't a surprise
it talked about a maniac who had fire in his eyes
Wanting to be a part of a gang to prove that he was a man
Unable to contain his fiery youth he wanted to say I can

A Helpless child lay in the street the result of his coming by
Driving in an automobile while he was getting high
Trying to win the acceptance from the members of his peers
The pain he caused he never thought the mother who was shedding tears

The Screams of an anguished mother the cries to be heard
The tears for the dearly departed run
From childhood he was told he had to prove himself a man
Children Shouldn't play with loaded Guns

In the upper class of a neighborhood the things aren't what they seem
All is quiet in the yuppie kingdom chasing the American dream
Since childhood he was told the way to amass both wealth and power
All he had to do in life was step on the little flower

With all the education they had they tried to buy his love
The consequences of their actions surely run
He brought a gun to school one day he wanted to feel the power
Children shouldn't play with loaded guns

Living in a small town where the game is the center of life
Football in the neighborhood and doing your neighbors wife
Keeping your social standing knowing your living a lie
In your haste to climb to the top the children are left to cry

Screaming for attention as the bullets go whizzing by
The fantasy of games that surely run
Neglect had filled the child with hate while living his fantasy
Children shouldn't play with loaded Guns

Words and music written by L.W. Ingram and D.L.Ingram
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