Tax Slave
Bohemian Grove
Location: Charlotte/United States
Let me tell you bout a little place in Sonoma County
Next to the Russian River in a valley
A secret society of the global elite
Who vacation with a big stone owl and the plot and drink
Things like the Manhattan Project and Governor Schwarzeneggar
Drink up Senator, we got lots of whores

The demand for sacrifice
Effigies and Scottish Rites
Lets all put on robes
And cremate Care at the Bohemian Grove

What do they do in the Grove?
The Cremation of Care
An ancient ritual to Moloch
A 40 foot owl
A Babylonian sacrifice to a sun god
By globalist bankers and politicians
Like Bush and son

Let me tell you bout another place
Called the Skull and Bones Tomb
Where George Bush masturbates in a coffin and
John Kerry did too
Its the American branch of the Bavarian Illuminati
The Skull and Bones were the bankers for the Nazis
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