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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
Steelianos began his musical studies in Nakas conservatory and the National conservatory of Greece taking classical piano lessons at age five. Bought his first guitar and dropped off the piano experience in 2001. He started guitar as a self-taught but actually started mastering the instrument after crossing ways and taking lessons by two world-class virtuosos, Theodore Ziras and Ioannis Anastassakis, expanding his knowledge in different musical styles. Steelianos had been performing as well as writing music with many bands since 2002, experimenting in different genres (heavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal symphonic etc.) his general rule is that good ideas can be found in any kind of music. Steelianos is currently recording guitars and vocals his own compositions, with the help of keyboard player/producer Bob Katsionis of Firewind/Outloud, his first promo-cd is close at handů
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