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I didn't stop 2 think that it could get this deep
we only met last week already wondering
when you gone call again, when we'll hook up and meet
{although I know you're just a friend}
I really wish that you, I wish that you could see
much as I'm feelin you it don't seem right to me
don't wanna be the first, maybe I'm scared of being hurt
I been thinkin late at night about how I want this to go down
and I need to figure out just how
to tell you that I need you around
it's not as easy as it seems
don't wanna get caught up in my dreams
but baby can you blame me?
you don't see too many people winning in this game as of lately...

Game, it's really all about your game
do you take the time to think out your game
before you spit your game to me?
It's all about your claim, you gotta back up your claim
everything you claim that you say that you can do
has to be the same

Since you been coming round I noticed subtle ways
it's something in your sound, expression on your face
you look me up and down, it's best left unexplained
you told me many times the things that you gone do
and then I turn around and see you coming thru
it's never kiss and tell, it's always show and prove
it's almost like I'm undeserving and you got me feeling
like I'm dealing with one of the best
every play I think I'm winning with you come back
with something that I'm sure I won't forget
and even though I'm diggin you
and your skills is strait gaming me
baby can you blame me?
you don't see too many people winning in this game as of lately


{VAMP feat. Shred}
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