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Most fun ever?
Was when I performed for the first time ever in Katmandu out of Trenton, NJ. After my show I was approached by a promoter from WuTangClan and all they said was "we'll be keeping an eye on you." I was know as Nibisco back then.
Favorite new Band?
Strangely enough Id have to say Lady GaGa. She has not been afraid to be herself. Instead of coming into the entertainment business and following suit, she dared to be different and things really worked out for her!
What is a great night out for you?
A great night out to me is as simple as being with my fiance and son. They are the most important people in my life.
Zodiac Sign
Birth Date
Real Hair Color
Biggest most favorite thing to do
Anything to do with music!
Favorite type of restaurant
Favorite City
Philadelphia... I love my cheese steaks!
Favorite Spring break location
My home on a stay-cation with my family.
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