Scoob RocAbout me
Cant Break Me
Hip-Hop music
Location: Riverside/United States
It seems like every time I turn around
Somebody hates me
But they dont realize that their never gona
Make or Break me
Ive been through this shit before
Maybe Im ready for war
Its the same as Ive told you before
Fuck you mother fucker

Verse 1
Watch him take off in the speed of mach
hes a little thrown off but he hits the spot
should he be cooled off or just keep it hot
might as well just boil till the steaming stops
Till the day that they stream hes hot
hes gona give it all hes got
they deemed him hot
so he set out to redeem his spot
if you dont like it you can fucking rot

Im a little bit more than pissed you can see the steam rising in the morning mist
he exist just to see you mad
you dont like him you can kiss his ass
he feeds off that
he can play tit tat rap for rap
one after one yeah back to back
and maybe then theyll see the fact
theres a fucking problem this year Scoob Roc is back

(repeat hook)

Is he hot?
yeah blazing red
you should see him as a devel with a blazing pen
anybody that hes tourched he could blaze again
cuz its nothing to maintain his blend
hes a bit sick but hes not pretend
better check your temperatures again
its on and popping
hit pause if you want to stop him if you love him well than fucking rock him
I was not born I was spawned by satan
the evil that you killed is resuscitating
I take a deep breath and exhale my hatred
then let my fucking pen explain shit
Im armed and dangerous and I aint got to name no namesez any one can end up on my shit list
so fuck you bitches
Im nasty like a morning french kiss
Ill teach you about a word relentless

(repeat hook)

Its because they hate me that im'a take what they owe me
and leave them lonely like a younger old me
for those who told me just quit come hold these
cause its fuck you i wont do what you told me
Im a bit bitter and im steaming up
I got you dealing with a deamon thug
believe me cuz its clean cut that Ive got my issues
but ill write it all down i dont need no tissues

I got a wrist that Ill slit quick
Im a sick bitch living twisted
fuck it im a he dont fit
im an exhibit of what you get when you ignore neglect
I aint a ghost now in this ghost town
Im a step now from a railroad ride
to another side of life I had to walk a beated path
but i finally found my guided mic

(final hook)
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