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Beating on the Door
Location: Tucson/United States
An indie-rock band from Tucson, AZ


Beating on the door
Beating on the wall
I am sane

Beating on the heart
Beating on the street
Drive away

Baby on the lawn
Baby want to come
I donít know

Where I might be going
Where I might be going
If this is all

So tell meÖ
Now, tell me now, I donít want, donít believe that youíre gone
Still say my coat hangs on your closet door
I know left and stopped, a slapped a label on your face
Still say my coffee cupís in your kitchen sink

Seated at the show
If you want to know, where I am

Marquee with the lights
Corner with the restaurant
Itís the AM, the sun is coming up
Asking for another chance

To make the world, so warm, so warm, so safe

So tell meÖ
Now, tell me now, I donít want, I donít want you now to stay
Still missing my coat, have you found it
I know you want, lights green, but the sign is an octagonal no
Still cross the street, looking both ways for you

Do what, you want, Decide if I will turn away
Iím not the kind of news you want to hear today
Open the trunk, start packing all your memories of me
I am selfish man, and the words you want youíll never hear
The ice, is slick, on the street when youíre leaving here
My patience knew, I could never keep you here at all

But if my heart could say goodbye, itíd ask you to stay
But my mind keeps telling my heart, get out of the way

I wish you could stay
But Iím in the way

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