About Overflow
Music, Band members, Producers, Studio's Basic Info
Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
Been performing since 1997, my Sr. year of high school! That's when I built up enough nerve to showcase my talents, life hasn't been the same since.
Who are your band members?
SuperNova Ent is Overflow (rapper, writer, engineer) / Uno (producer, writer) / Marioso (singer, writer).
Who is the wildest and why?
Uno, he's the youngest
Where do you record your music?
Overflow Productions Studio, Charlotte/NC
Can you tell us how you personally write songs?
Mood, I look for life to inspire lyrics everyday
Who has helped you the most with your music?
Shannon Wright was my first mentor, but C is the CEO of SuperNova - that's my man right there.
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