About Nikita
Interests & Personality Background & Lifestyle Basic Info
Goals For my Talent?
To sell some cd's for a living
About Me:
I'm almost 20, and i've been doing music production for about 3 years now. I make my own demos and cd's. And i also do CGI and CGA work on the computer, photography,drawing, some entemology,and a few other things. I'm hoping that with at least one of my talents, i could get somewhere.
computer related activities mostly..I also like to mix an match cables to make every speaker in my house a sub woofer, and play all my computers music and DVD's through them. Trying to see if i can be a DJ too...or a masuse..however you spell it.
Favorite Music:
i like a lil bit of everything.
Favorite Movies:
i couldn't tell you, i don't really have favorite movies
Favorite show on TV
Boy meets world and CSI las vegas
Favorite Books or Magazines:
don't read
Heroes in my life:
don't have any
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