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Fall to you
Location: Marathon/United States
DO you really believe all the things you say? That your in love, Velvet glove has been cast away,
You tell me everyday I'm the only thing you want,You make it so hard to say no, can you show me?
are you willing to fight for me. will ya take a risk.

I, wanna fall to you, I am falling to you, Cuz my wings are broken still.
In your mind I am queen, But I've heard it all before,
I am so worn out.

aren't u tired of secrets and hiding from lies? and the fact that I am a sin?
we've ran away from so much, and been to the middle of hell. Am i worth the tears you cry?
Leave me, or love me. Don't play me.

can't you see I love you? I am holding you accountable
I will lay next to you...until I'm no longer breathing

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