About Nekro Morphosis
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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
Nekro Morphosis was spewed forth from the waste of Washington in the year 2000 originally as a solo project. The first full lineup came together in late 2007 with Dr. Destructo on drums, Nightmare on bass & founding member Carnage on vocals & guitar. In late 2008/early 2009 the lineup curse had struck, Carnage continued to handle guitar & vocal duties, Guldrelokk was recruited on drums and Chad on bass. Now the once solo project has become one of the most aggressive, raw, evil and brutal black metal acts around. Nekro Morphosis combines constant brutality mixed with riffs that will bring any true metal head back to the glory days of extreme metal and of course all while injecting their own chaotic spin on things. After releasing the first full length, a split with fellow Washington band Drakul, and a limited live album, Nekro Morphosis has begun writing new material for their next full length to be released in early 2011. It seems that Nekro Morphosis is on a war path to complete annihilation of the world. In May of 2010 Nekro Morphosis parted ways with bassist Chad and recruited Shitstorm to take over bass duties. Soon the next full-length will be complete and then the venture across the land to spread nun fucking brutality to the rest of this fucking planet!
Who are your band members?
Carnage - Guitar/Vokillz Shitstorm - Bass/Backing Vokillz Guldrelokk - Drums
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