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My name I Nathalie Matthews. I started my music endeavors playing the piano, flute, and saxophone at the young age of 11. By the age of 14 I found that her voice became my strongest and most loved instrument I have ever played. From there I committed all my time and passion to becoming one of the worlds greatest female Artists. I started her first band when I was 16, and with my six octave range, I became a very well known vocalist in all the local venues. I was then urged to enter Miss Montreal Pageant and won best talent, then competed and won Miss Congeniality in the Miss Quebec Pageant. Once I gained the respect and attention that I was working for from my surrounding cities, I continued looking for an edge to get my break in the entertainment business. Destiny finally found Me and I was given the opportunity to be referred to Celine Dion’s tour manager. Expressing my powerful voice and my ability to speak French and English fluently; I earned the opportunity to join the staff of Celine Dion’s as a back up singer. I really enjoyed performing on stage in front of thousands of people and I got an unbelievable rush with every show but more importantly I learned how to perfect my craft from one of the most sought after and well respected artists in the music industry. Once I felt comfortable and stable with my advanced knowledge, I decided to start up a new band and tour all over the East coast of Canada. Once again I wowed my fans all over the coast creating an impressive buzz and becoming well known all over Eastern Canada. I played at Venues such as, Bourbon West, Bourbon North, The Jello, and Dagobere. I also performed at corporate events such as Chrysler Canada, Toyota, Pratt & Whitney, and Solomon & Saks. I then decided that I wanted to purse my dream of becoming a professional singer in the United States. So, I went to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of participating in The New York International Music Festival, which is held in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and in 2005, Las Vegas. I again demanded the attention of all and won “Best R&B Pop” Artist for my category. A&R reps from different labels were so impressed with my vocal ability that I was honored with the opportunity to be introduced to Songwriter/Producer; Hassan Johnson (Corey Rooney's brother in law). After their initial meeting, Hassan and I agreed to meet at his studio in New York to collaborate on some new music. No sooner than I booked my flight to New York I was asked to perform at The Empire Ballroom on the strip in Las Vegas. Shortly after the show I flew to New York and started recording immediately, after putting a few songs together Hassan and I believed in my talent and vision so much that decided to take my career to the next level and come to the entertainment dream capital of the world; beautiful Southern California. I hit the ground running by starting up a band and then slotted my first California “Prime Time” show at BB King’s club in Hollywood. I graced my audience and was welcome back to perform on several occasions. My most recent performance was the opening act for Johnny Gill’s Birthday party from the band “New Edition”. After one night of being in the right place at the right time, I was introduced to another Songwriter/Producer and we began to build on my vision, putting together a strong team and new songs to kick start my new album. Over the last several months I have been give the pleasure of working with David Cochrane - the former band member of the "Commodores" his writing credits include- Lionel Ritchie, Paula Abdul, Atlantic Star, and Bobby Brown just to name a few. I have also been working with Victor Holmes who has also been a major player in the production of my album. Victor co-produced the Waist Deep sound track for R&B sensation "Tyrese" and is also credited for the production of songs with Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, Ron Artest, and comedian Mike Epps. My associate and I are currently in contact with several industry people. In early June of 2007 I performed at the March of Jerusalem in Montreal which I have been asked to come back and perform for the past 3 years. While in Canada I was given the opportunity to be interviewed live on Sonia Benezera’s talk radio station 98.5 fm. My manager is in contact with several other radio stations that are interested in interviewing me in the very near future. I recently returned from a 3 days stay in London after participating in the “Festivals Blow up the UK”. Now that I am back in town and my album is finished we are pushing for a release date in late August followed by a regional tour in August.
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