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Looking At You
Location: Sherman Oaks/United States

Verse 1
Looking at you thereís no more emptiness
And my world wonít be the same
Cause you bring peace to my pains
By looking at you I donít know how to say
How my heart trembles inside
Youíre my reason of life

And I
I would die if I didnít know you by now
If I didnít have you by my side
No I wonít, I wonít be afraid
To say the words that I feel deep within my heart
When Iím looking at you

Verse 2
By looking at you, all the words just canít explain
How your love is so pure and is my only strength
Do you know that youíre my everything baby?
When Iím looking at you
I just donít understand
Why you give me so much
Itís beyond my control
I would give you my all for the love that we share you and I

I believe that Iíve finally found
A special shinning star
I adore you, you just take my breath away
And the day that my life will end
I want you to know, you fulfilled my heart with your love.
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