Natasha Selskaya
Natasha Selskaya - So lonely.
New Age
Location: Evpatoria/Ukraine
So lonely.
My Sweetheart, Sweetheart took me by storm
Is so far, so far in other seas
My Sunshine, Sunshine gives me no warm
It’s so cold, so cold without your lips

I’m lonely, so lonely

I’m lonely, so lonely

My Sweetheart, Sweetheart I’m thinking of you
I kiss you when I just close my eyes
My Sunshine, Sunshine you let me love you
I missing even your little lies

I’m lonely, so lonely
I miss you so much, I missing you

I’m lonely, so lonely
I’m waiting for you, I’m wait for you

My Sweetheart, Sweetheart… My Sweetheart, Sweetheart…
I’m lonely, so lonely… My Sweetheart, Sweetheart…
My Sweetheart…
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