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Be Ok
Location: Silver Spring/United States
Another day has gone by
Sill wipe a couple tears from my eyes
but it's ok

And on our journey so far
we got a few bruises and scars
but it's Ok
And i know that your hurting but baby I'm learning about us
Keep you patience with me and soon you will see i'll come around
And then we'll....

Be ok We'll be ok (rep)

Verse 2
It's like I grew up so fast
With just one closer in the past
but it's ok
Cause now I know what to do
and baby ima cater to you
to make it ok
You were right i was wrong we were blind for so long but we found a way
To connect once again both as lovers and friends and we'll be ok
And we'll...


Cause I... I love you (rep)

Chorus out
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