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R&B music
Location: Silver Spring/United States
There are some things we need to resolve...

Verse 1

I once was your canvas
I use to be your art
and whenever you touched me
it came straight from your heart

But lately things are different
you don't move me the same
where is all the passion
that made me say your name

At what point did you forget everything I'm about
You use to know directions, now I must write them down
when did you get so comfortable?
I just can't figure it out
But if you think you're entitled you must have...


Amnesia, A real case of amnesia (boy you got)
Amnesia, Boy you've got that amnesia

Verse 2

You once found me intriguing
like a rare masterpiece
you would cater to every detail
connecting more than physically
but somewhere you lost the meaning
of taking things nice and slow
cause now it's like you rushing to the point, to the point
like you got somewhere else to go

Can you give me some insight to what's been happening
Or is it something i did to make you act like this
Oh Let me remind that I'm a privilege, I'm not a right that's
owed to you
Show improve or I'll leave you alone to work out your...

Amnesia, a real case of amnesia
(the romance is gone away from you)
It's amnesia (can't be nothing)
You must have that amnesia

I'm feeling like a broken record
but you no longer aim to impress
and if you still don't learn your lesson
I'm sure somebody else can ease my stress
I think you know what I mean
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