NAY (Nothing About Yesterday)
TheLast Chance
Location: Chisinau/Moldova
The Last Chance

That`s my last chance

Stop, just look in my eyes. I am like a wounded lioness –
Every sigh is like last in my life
I`m freezing inside, I`m trembling of fear to lose you,
But you`re lost, I can feel you`re not mine

The silence holds miles, the distance between us`s growing
And I know I can hardly get through
I have my Last chance to say that I`m yours, I need you
And my life now depends just on you

I am falling in abyss that`s between us
Just one step, I saw you so close
Love`s a phantom, but I`m still believing
You`ll come back, you will never let me fall.

Now we`re playing a game, and there is no use in cheating
Cos` we both know already the score
You taught me to fight but now I should learn the leaving
And forget everything lapsed before

The sentence is passed and I am condemned to killing
Any hope, any love in my soul
I look in your eyes, are there any tender feelings?
Just one gaze – my last wish – that is all…


Beyond the ice that`s in your eyes I can see the fire`s burning
Even walls built of your lies let me hear your heart that`s calling… me…
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