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My name is Brian Chapa, better known on stage as “Sleepy” of Highsyde. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx. Now twenty-seven years old, I’ve dedicated my life to song writing and being a Hip Hop and R&B artist whose goal is to put great music into people’s ears. I am currently in the process of recording my 1st solo album titled "Lyrical Dreamz". This album is a culmination of ideas that I have collected over the last 8 years. This much anticipated release is scheduled for spring of 2010. My most recent performances include live venues such as Dan's Bar in Denton, Club Chrome and Stilettos both located in Fort Worth. I have also recorded projects with Bossilany, Rare Orion, Louie Evol and Product. I came up with concept of Highsyde after experiencing life's difficulties and constant struggles. I was fed up with living the "Lowsyde" of life and decided that it was time for a change. My goal is to make Highsyde a household name by giving the people the music that they want to hear. With that being said, kick back and relax while you enjoy my music..
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