Matt Wall
Location: Nikiski/United States
Verse 1
I remember when you used to come around
now your memories are thrown to the ground
i never could see clearly through your lies
til the day i found our love had died
do you remember my face when i opened the door
it smelt of roses as they hit the floor
that one moment froze my heart cold
there'll be no remembrance of you when i'm old

And your pretty eyes will fade,fade from my mind
away from everything i tried to leave behind
your smile that used to light me up
is the same smile that keeps me shut

Verse 2
maybe i should thank you and hold my head up high
cuz without you breaking me i never woulda made it through life
so if i see you don't be scared when i smile
cuz you mean nothing to me at least nothing worth while
you might call my name in the middle of the night
but i won't be there no one to hold you tight
so don't leave calls asking me to come home
cuz for all i care you can die alone
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