About Matt Ryan
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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
I have been performing for about 4 months and 1 year ago almost to the day was the first time I ever sang in public (Karaoke) and from there I took my love for music, started a band, started writing and performing and the rest is history!!
Who are your band members?
Matt Ryan - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Randy Badour - Rhythm/backup vocals Aaron Kowalski - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocal Mike Kowalski - Bass/backup vocals Mike Zak - Drummer
Who is the wildest and why?
Randy is the wildest because he used to be a lead singer in a screaming metal band and he "ROCKS OUT" when we're performing!! LOVE IT!
Where do you record your music?
Everything recorded so far is from Live Performances, but I have equipment and plan to record at my home.
Can you tell us how you personally write songs?
I write from personal experience and feeling! If it doesn't feel right or give me chills, then it never makes it off the paper!
Who has helped you the most with your music?
Randy Badour and Mike Kowalski
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