step back for a minute
Location: WARREN/United States


Step back for a minute, watch how I work it, see how I move it, peep how I twurk it.
Count stacks for a living, watch how we get it, see how we spend it, peep how its given.


Step back for a minute and let Lolo in it. So I can flow with it, blow until I’m winded, ride out in a tented, swerving off the curb, you know we in a rented. Mashing on the gas,
I’m a push it to the limit, hop out when I’m finished, hit the next show and tear down the stage and go collect the dough. Yo! You already know. I’m staying on the grind till it’s my time to blow. Yeeeaaahhh everybody hit the floor—from the greasy, ashy, rich, and poor. Step back for a minute then drop it down low, bring it up real slow and then pop it like a pro. Oh



It seems to go on and be from the D is forbidden, where the talent aint shown but more like hidden. Well I’m a show you how we get down up here in the mitten. Now lets take a trip, across 8 mile, naw the other side where them real boys die, where me and my girls ride, where we stay too fly, where the club stay live and when you hear them hard beats you rock from side to side. No it aint no lie. Home of the “real” Motown is where I reside. And I’m a bring us back, put us back on track, and show you lames having writing skills is where you lack. Don’t be mad boo, yo it’s just a fact….. so step back.


What you want them to do Lo Step back 4x
What we do in the D yo count stacks 4x (repeat)

(fade out)

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