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Comfort of A metaphor
Location: Wolfville/Canada
I’ll be a sailor on this ship to be a captain you must lead, stay calm and wise.
I’m not saying that I never was , the tide got high and swept away hot water.
Hit an ebb and sunk to dirt, carved this body into ground.
A gust strikes when the pressures feeding, time turns for a rise again
I’m gearing up from under to make this an overtow.
Yeah I’m not saying that I would be chosen, after all I have crashed before respect for a captain keeps us.. on course… for a little while, always expecting storms, built an axe with words, well maybe that’s my accent?, or I’m just cold.
Take a little of a lot, nothing comes as hard this way, my time has come.

This could be, all up to me, I’ll steer clear of fog, ground us a shore with all company.
Fire those guns, send out the calls, I could of lead,.. us through… hell.

All Lyrics & Music By: Kyle Tinker 2006
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