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It Ain't Right
Location: /United Kingdom
Look at our beautiful jewel,
floating in an empty space.
Home to the humans who race
The atmospheres a thin veneer of peace.
Beneath the clouds souls struggle for release

We’re educated in what to believe.
Trained to conform to a system of things
Every night on the TV, someone has war.
And lies that never cease. It ain’t right.

The strong build their muscle from our resources and wealth.
Soulless, they care for nothing and nobody else.
Suffering unjustly. A few seconds pass,
another child dies for the price of a vaccine.
And we invent a killing machine. It ain’t right.

A despot passes, a new leader rises.
Flying the flag of freedom and truth
Laws to enforce the world they are making.
Desensitizing in their wake
So many people sighing.

Unnecessarily dying.
Praying to a god who doesn’t want too hear.
Crying all alone in space.
It ain’t right.

But still we wait with little faith.
Reluctantly accepting our fate.
No need for hopes and dreams, in this system of things.
It ain’t right.
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