About Jenae Johnson
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Goals For my Talent?
To release my country album and tour my album "DEAR JIMMY"
About Me:
I am a great singer songwriter. I write not only country pop. But I have lots of pop/rock stuff to. I enjoy writting in general. I don't care what kind of music I sing as long as I get to sing. Music is my life. I have two children, Emily 7, Adaon 6 months old. Great kids. I have a loving husband who is also part of my band and music I write and produce
Learning Guitar and Piano
Favorite Music:
I love gothic rock like evanescence. Big fan. I do love the dixie chicks and Carrie Underwood.
Favorite Movies:
Scarry ones. B movies are great.
Favorite show on TV
Greys Anatamy I am addicted. CSI is great to. Medium is really good to. The new series I seem to like so far is Criminal Minds. Very Interesting.
Favorite Books or Magazines:
UMMMMMMM.... I dont like to read very often not my thing. I mean I can read, but I mean, I don't like doing it for fun. I read magazines. I like the weekly world news makes me laugh.
Heroes in my life:
hmmmmmmm.... can't say I have any. I have always just tried my best to get what I have so far in life. That seems to work for me.
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