About Jay Rease
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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
Ive been making since the age of 12 starting on guitar. Ive always been into hip hop but never thought I could actually do it. My cousin got me to sit down and actually try and the rest is history. Ive been making hip hop for the last 6 years but I didnt start taking it serious until about 2 years ago.
Who are your band members?
just me as a solo artist and I also have a hip hop group Im part of ...OL Squad
Who is the wildest and why?
Holla Up from OL Squad...he's full of energy
Where do you record your music?
In my bedroom
Can you tell us how you personally write songs?
It depends but it usually starts with a beat or an idea from lyrics Ive written accapella
Who has helped you the most with your music?
OL Squad
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