About Izzy Aly
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Tell us how long you have been performing and how you got started?
Most of my life, I have been dragging around a guitar. started in HS and never stopped. Now writing my own stuff
Who are your band members?
just two of us...E.G. Presley and Me
Who is the wildest and why?
toss up
Where do you record your music?
some of the songs were recorded in N.Fl, and others in a studio near Austin
Can you tell us how you personally write songs?
Starts in several ways,,,sometimes just a line, sometimes the whole thing just hits all at once. Music usually follows the lyrics but not always. It is however, always a spiritual thing
Who has helped you the most with your music?
A.L. and E.G.P. and my Dad for always believing in me. All the groups/singers/songwriters that had inspired me, all of my life
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