Hugo Cardenas
San Antonio Sweetheart
Country music
Location: Santa Fe/United States
You knew the time would come when I would say goodbye,
I never led you on about what I am.
I'm sure your mama told you so and so did I,
Be careful not to fall in love with a traveling man.
Oh my,

San Antonio Sweetheart,
You know I'm not the kind to be tied down.
Though it might be quite foolish on my part,
I have to keep on moving, but I'll be back around.
I hate to leave you all alone,
But in the morning, I'll be gone.
My San Antonio Sweetheart,
I'll see you when I'm back in San Antone.

No one could blame you if you found somebody new,
You deserve a settled steady guy.
My common sense say's I could be the one to fill those shoes,
If I should ever loose this urge to spread my wings and fly. Oh My,


It's not because your not a living loving dream,
Believe me darlin that you are, but that don't change a thing.
Oh My,


Well I'll see you when I'm back in San antone.

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