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Stark Reality
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Stark Reality
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Been driviní for days, Canít find my way back.
Days are getting longer, and Iím all out of gas.
The nights seem like months, That never seems to end.
Aint got no direction, Or know whatís right or wrong.
The faces of those, Iíve loved and then I lost.
Feeliní so much closer, Than they ever really were.

This old body is tired and weak, It canít take anymore of me.
The places that Iíve gone, The things that I have done.
Chock it all up to a Stark Reality.

I need to turn back, need to be there once again.
But the signs have all changed, And I canít find my way home.
The years have passed me by, And nothing looks like home.
They say that once you leave, Things will never be the same.
Iíve seen the ones I love, Just come and go through life.
See the eyes of a child, I barely even know.
Iíve done some people wrong, Been kind to just a few.
Iíve made some bad decisions, And now Iím living proof.


These moments in time, Flash deep inside my mind.
All the thoughts Iíve had, I try to leave behind.
They leave me feeling lonely, confused and sometimes cold.
I find myself still searching, For someone I can hold.
For dreaming and for pining, That thereís still more to come.
Sunkissed days and moonlit nights, Are not there just for some.
Dreaming of the day, That I can see you smile.
To touch you once again, would make it all worth while.


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