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Dreaming of You
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Dreaming of You
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I thought of you today, As I lay myself to sleep.
Your face came into my mind, as I lay there trying to sleep.
I laid there and tried to sleep, For the love that I had to miss.
So listen carefully, And I hope you can answer this.

Do you dream about me, every single day of your life.
Do you see my face, In the clouds as they go by.
Do you dream about me, When you’re sitting and wondering why.
Do you care about love, Like you’ve never loved before.

I want to be with you, Every single day of my life.
I’ll put a smile on your face, And you’ll know that it only feels right.
I want you to hold me, And be sure that you never let go.
In your arms warm embrace, I’ll be sheltered from the storm.


You used to lie by my side, But it’s never going to be the same.
Beneath the sky so blue, I can’t think of anything but you.
Will you wait for me, Until it’s time for me to follow too.
Then we can tear up the skies, And make the whole world wonder again.

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