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Summer Beats
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2009 Summertime Anthem...

Harrch Definite - Summer Beats



im that kid, that spits sick in the summer time
so heres another hit wit a summer rhyme
summa mine, the opposite of a dummer line
sky so clean that i can see for a hundred miles
a hundred smiles, god damn im diggin honeys style
so im gettin summer money now
i think its kinda funny how
i was born spittin diffrent form the other childs...
(wow) ta dow, damn its so nice out
i pull the mic out n the summers what ill write bout
i might bounce, to the closes beach
or a barbaque, who got the dopest beef
clothes n ill sneaks, dos maybe three
caronas n meat, maybe smoke a little cheif
some appluse for the heat , just practice what u preach
any things in reach,..its the summer beats (beats)

Hook 4x - its the summer beats (beats)

its the summer beats and today is so beautiful
that i need to wear sun glasses at my cubical
for real its winters funeral
its master shreedar, see what splinter do to u
maybe shoot a little hoop at 2
just do you, what ever , truee
just go on a cruise n blast some ill tunes
by the way its harrch definite (oh cooo)
for those who in school, no more, its rules
forget about a diamond, the summers my favlrite jewel
go huntin if u do, or jump into a pool
any thing is possible, n damn right its cool
im a man on the move, hope i never loose the sun
much nicer in the summer its like lucifer is done
whose the cuttest in the bunch, get some food n some pucnh
n dont drop drinkin till u dudes is drunk.. its the Summer beats

Hook 4x - its the summer beats (beats)

its the summer beats, i speak what winters missin
its the sun, n the sun is my perscription
its more like an addiction, what im sippin
find a table and get some pong or flip in
summers pimpin... nuttin but good moods
a bbq ...nuttin but good food
nuttin u cudnt do, any thing is possible
chill out in the sun... ummm thats probable
bottles n barbaques, soon to be popular
what a day...so aint no way that they stoppin u
let out a little pac in you, a cd to pop a tune
its the summer beats just see what they got u doin
cruisin.. summer rhyme never loosin
yo its the summer time soim boozin
summa my improvement is proof in the heat
good night, take care n enjoy the summer beats

Enjoy the Summer Beats
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