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Location: Dhaka/Bangladesh
I can see Iím about to blow up cos Iím a visionary
You get a dollar per tooth, I get a million fairies
This rap gameís a nipple,
Iím milking and Iím sick of dairyís
Man this Sifz is very this
Sifz is very that
Sifz is really shit huh?
And his shit is really wack
So is he really mad that we called him wack?Please
Stop trippiní
You wishing about whatchu snitchiní
Your class missing, so ass kissings a given
For what bitches lack

How you flows like that?
In and out the beat so dope made the doorman clap

Theres a lot you donít know about me
Lot I donít show about me
So troubled, if I blew my bubble man Iíd blow it probably
Had an encounter with satan, wanted my soul to rot
He thought he had me sold
But naah not me

I try to live by the code Ė to be real dawg
Misunderstood Vice Versa I donít feel yaíll
-Eyy nigga I spit this shit with Ozzy
Spit again in Aussie so you think I paste and copy right?

I wrote it dawg, who else would own the copyright?
You know what? Chuck the copyright, fuck that
If I get sued, thatís cool, I got a bus pass
And I donít mind, done with lavish if you must ask so
Back to the topic, ofcourse I forgot it
No one left their pasts behind more than I did
-Not tryna hide it, itís a different day
And its been years since I Ė fuck it I like it this way

Eyy, short temper and I like it bitch
So piss me off and watch me on that Kanye shit


And I told myself that Iíd go insane one day
But my mom kept saying I know youíll change one day boy

Tears of joy I had to stop it with the me shit,
Iím still the same me, just had to tweak a lil Gsifz
Looking back it make me wanna gag like I got sea sick
Broke myself pieces by pieces, you best believe it

Shit Ė Grandmaís on life support
And its been 6 years sheís been fighting for
And though I donít understand, I donít question Godís plan
She the definition of how precious life is worth

I cant cry -I
Smoke a pound canít fly still
See what Iíve seen and youíd prolly have your eyes peeled
- so heres a toast
These other rap niggas should never be a problem
And Iím ghost
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