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Head Gone
Location: Atlanta/United States
(hook) "head gone, i love the way she movin that thing, (damn) make a nigga wanna say you really got mah head gone, i came in here lookin for play but shorty here makin me wanna stay she really got mah head gone x2

(verse1-eclipz) attention drawn to'er since the 1st glance, all i need is a chance and i can get'er advance in her direction the plans is just a lil different from me approachin any regular broad (i mean) maybe or maybe not, she can be the lady to cruise in the cedes drop or maybe just a jump off, not sure the direction i'm takin wit'er it all depends , see i got the crew wit me gather all ya friends we can have a get together you know sip whateva and maybe discover a lil more about us (or) more about trust (or) more about lust discuss some more important things tryin ta see whassup wit ya lady and where ya head at, let me buy you a drink, just ta see how she think i show'er how mah bread stack (uh) i know you say that that's dead wrong but turn up the damn song if shorty really got ya ......


(verse 2-press) the mood is intense and the flow of it is coastin, i'm toasted you startin to look like poetry in motion ta me , shit i'm just tryin ta be the one ta get you open , couple shots of that patron and i'm rollin like it's nothin to me, i'll give you somethin ta see somthin you wouldn't believe , ya body's hotter than 100 degrees da kid press will give you what you want and you need, cuz i'm the best when it comes to fufulling a dream we in here, after the conversation it gets clear that we gon hop in the whip and shift it ta 5th gear, flyin down the highway hypontized mindstate kinda like usher ray, we can do it my way, next to the hotel you can be a freak wit me where the sex gon dwell we can do it frequently i'm high as hell talk so what you gon do to me, and she replies well what i dont usually....


(verse 3 part 1-eclipz) never before ever have i seen a lady like her on the scene it seems ta be a dream but it aint, i gotta move quicker cuz the way she doin it'll make a nigga think she got some moves in the paint , da boi smooth but i move like a tank and what that mean, listen my presence felt (uh) your's just aint and your crew hatin cuz us niggas doin it large, we in charge so you can keep ya complaints

(verse 3 part 2-Press) The lights get dim the sceneary fades ta black (oh) it's just me and you the club is still crazy packed tho, i'm like a maniac wit all this crazy actin so i'm thinkin in tha back of mah mind i'm never lettin that go, so i'mma let the chat flow feelins and conversation i stop at nathan i'm ready willing and comntemplating wit consentration i'll be takin'er home it's dead wrong cuz mah head strong but shorty really got mah .....

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