Dinner With CannibalsAbout me
Lets Play Football!!!
Alternative Rock Heavy
Location: Denver/United States
“It’s a profitable storm,” manufactured enemy
“Thank god I’m back here at home,” instability is king
Portraits of war, and it’s to late to change
We are the whores, and it keeps us awake
“They all know who we are and they know just what this is
Do not take it personally this is just business”
Ruining summer fun
Put on the eyes of light
“Trust me we’ll be there in the morning”
We are the wheels that spin
“Any minute now and we will all be winning”
If you just want to ride and don’t mind the lie
Then I think that you’ll find you’re in the right place
You don’t want to know what we did last night
“Picture perfect”
“They say the emperor was delusional, upon the steps for all to see
Let his reign begin, this opportunity, Open ‘til midnight every Sunday”
“One good trick to play”, on you and me
“Long before yesterday”, or so it seems
My last blank stare
He’ll be gone soon
Put the smile on
An old ritual
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