Dinner With CannibalsAbout me
Big Time Cum Shot City
Alternative Rock Heavy
Location: Denver/United States
“It’s crazy I’ve been here so long they’ve turned me out.”
It’s like second nature.
So, who wrote the hook to the tune in your head?
Why is the rest just filtered out?
“I prepare the feature,
And now the test is the path for me.”
You are doing it all wrong.
“Obey your teacher.
Do you got it?
Your time is up so lay your pencils down.”
You dictated,
Wrote a screenplay,
Killed the actors,
For the audience.
“I know they’ll try and tell you different but this is nothing new.”
“So carefully,
We got a good location.
To make us safe.”
Nothing is safe.
“Drives me crazy.”
But you got what you wanted.
“It always clear.”
Nothing is clear.
One day you’ll see the ghost of the haunted silhouette
This fate that’s been composed
Will start this process now
“It’s hard to write, with you right next to me.”
I can see why, your grammars’ terrible.
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