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Life 'n' Stuff - Dan Scruton

Another casualty
Another Lesson learned
Gotta watch your back
Because the fire, it burns
Inside of us
Yes we're all the same
Do the "same ol' same ol'"
Still glad you came
Out of your shell
Whatcha gonna do now?
With the rest of your life, and
Will you show me how?

To live
With all that was done
To do
All the things that you couldn't before
To see
All the Stuff in the world
Now I'm ready, ready, ready

Another day gone by
'Nother coffee under moonlight
Just thinkin' about all the
Stress in your life
You light a-nother cigarette
While the moon is still high
Still thinkin' about all the
Reasons why

A mockery, the shock of life
Adding to your woundless stryfe
A sip of tea; the rest of me
Now I'm ready, ready, ready

Another casualty
Another day gone by
Watch your back
But you still can fly
Away from here
You got the wheel
Sift through
All this stuff
And live
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