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How Could We
Location: Hamilton/Canada
How Could We - Dan Scruton

What happened then
what happens now
is no longer up to me
it's all you somehow
even though I tried
to work things out
I used to be me
what's left now is doubt

but I can't deny
I felt things change
I lied to myself
everything became rearranged
now nothings the way
that it should be
someway, somehow
I'll get back to being me

because I lost my alibis
for what could be
how could we not
take things at face value
and although the world
seemed to unfurl
in front of me
how could you
how could we

to let go of all the pain
I lied to myself again
that somehow things
could remain the same
yet I'm so sick
of feelin down
it's etched upon my face
and all around me

one day you
will all see
I'm on this Silent hill
of memory
and I won't come down
things'll never be the same
why is sanity so
hard to maintain
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